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Venue 87
1 Carlton Cottages
York, YO32 2PW

1 Carol Coleman Spirit of York II.  2019

I am inspired directly from nature, but also diverge into other subjects; the phrase ‘Earth Beauty’ sums up how I see natural forms, especially rocks, fossils and trees.  I make semi abstract and also realistic, finely stitched textiles from my own digital photographs that I manipulate into images ready to transform into textile art.
I continue to find inspiration in the world around me; from garden flowers to historic architecture and experiment with different techniques and scale, which transforms photographic imagery into widely different interpretations.

I make and sell wall art, textile jewellery, vessels and other 3D items.  Cards, postcards, high quality prints of selected work and copies of my book Fibredancing are also available.

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Carol Coleman.JPG

Spirit of York II (2019). 74 x 56 cm. Stitched fabric collage, framed, not glazed. 

2 Carol Coleman Beauty of Moorlands.  20

Beauty of Moorlands (2019). 47 x 42 cm. Free-machine embroidery, framed, glazed, Clarity Glass. 

3 Carol Coleman Blue Mantle unrecorded d

Blue Mantle. 41 x 44 cm. Free-machine embroidery, framed, glazed, Clarity Glass. 

4 Carol Coleman Scarborough Rock V.  201

Scarborourgh Rock V (2018). 51 x 37 cm. Stitched fabric collage, not glazed or framed. 

5 Carol Coleman House of Treasures.   un

House of Treasures. 30 x 47 cm. Free-machine embroidery, framed, not glazed. 

6 Carol Coleman Poppy.  2020.JPG

Poppy (2020). 45 x 52 cm. Free-machine embroidery, framed, glazed, clarity glass. 

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