1. Stargaze Spiral.jpg

Stargaze Spiral (2020). 90 cm diameter. Circular unframed wall hanging, rich hand bead & semi-precious stone embellishment and rich hand embroidery. £2000

2. Between Earth & Sky , whole piece.jpg

During this last year I was thrilled to take part in BBC1 ‘Home is Where the Art is’ Series 2, Episode 5. Stargaze Spiral is the piece I created for the show. It’s a wet felted unframed wall hanging, approx. 90cm in diameter. It has over 200 pieces of fabric felted in and rich hand beadwork and embroidery. Though it’s sold, merchandise relating to it is on my webshop. Other work this last 12 months has been focused on tapestry weaving with embroidery, beadwork, knitting and braiding incorporated in the pieces in a variety of ways. I took inspiration from lockdown walks in local urban woodland areas around where I live in York. The awakening of trees and plants was beautiful and gave me plenty of ideas to explore over the Spring months. I also made some pieces, both weavings and felt pods, inspired by remembered sunnier times by sea or water. 

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Between Earth & Sky (2020). 70 cm diameter. This piece has a body of tapestry weaving in a wide range of fibres and yarns with beadwork in the slits Macrame braiding at top and bottom spreading out and attaching it to a wooden hoop. £850

Roots & Shoots (2020). 40 x 40 cm. Tapestry weaving with a wide variety of threads, beadwork, knitting and macrame braids, framed or unframed. £280

4. Autumn Reflections.jpg

Autumn Reflections (2020). 44 x 35 cm. Tapestry weaving with a wide variety of threads and yarns, wall hanging on a driftwood stick with a swishy fringe. £360

Floating Maple Leaf (2020). 30 x 30 cm. Small tapestry weaving, mounted to be framed. £75

6.Trio of Sea Jewel Pods .jpg

Trio of Sea Jewel Pods. Wet felted jewel pod in jade colours with merino wool and silk fibres and embellished with beads and semi-precious stones such as turquoise. Largest is 14 cm diameter by 6 cm high. £36 or £32 each