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Uses Wool to make Felt Pictures...

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Uses a range of recycled and found fabrics to make North Yorkshire landscapes or abstract pictures...

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I use a combination of controlled stitching with asymmetry, texture and raw edges with the richness of silks and cotton

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Textured wall art, using wet felting techniques to bond and sculpt natural materials, sometimes overlaid with embroidery

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I am drawn to anything corroded and tarnished and immediately see how it can be turned into a textile art piece

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I am passionate about a variety of textile media and love to explore and mix techniques in new ways.

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I use screen printing, hand dyeing and Devoré to create one of a kind silk pieces from wearable art to wall hangings.

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Uses Machine Embroidery to make landscape pictures ...

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I use applique, hand and free-machine embroidery and quilting.

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"Created from rare breed wool with a single felting needle"

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Drawing inspiration from geometrical form found in nature she designs and makes sculptural textile pieces

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I'm inspired by the natural world, from big scale landscapes to smaller elements like sea eddies, autumn colours...

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I specialise in print and am passionate about keeping hand printing alive as well as the slow fashion movement

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I particularly enjoy combining print, collage and stitch to highlight the clarity of the line...

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