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Venue 60
81 Jute Road
York, YO26 5ES

fBrammer Cloud Forest.jpg

Making images of special places is very satisfying, I do enjoy the challenge of changing, colours, scale and technique to suit the different seasons and moods, but the new series of delicate single trees is a step beyond. Either hand or machine sewn, they hang, catching light and shadow, coming in and out of focus as you move around them.

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Cloud Forest Tree (2020). 120 x 30 cm. Muslin Hanging. 


Dappled (2019). . 40 x 34 cm. Freehand machine work, recycled fabrics, inks and dye. 

fBrammerYarnbury mine workings.jpg

Yarnbury Mineworkings (2020). 50 x 60 cm. Freehand machine work, recycled fabrics, inks and dye. 


Huggate (2020). 50 x 40 cm. Freehand machine work and applique over an original oil painting.

Fran Brammer thixendale.jpg

Thixendale (Sprout), (2020). 90 x 72 cm. Quilted wall hanging. Hand and machine stitching over applique and paint. 


Yorkshire Gothic, High Moor and Beyond (2020). 45 x 70 cm approx. Hanging. Dyed and painted with machine stitch and applique with recycled and deconstructed fabrics. 

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