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York Textile Artists

We are a group of textile artists based in York. We work together to support each other in creating textile art but also as a force for change in promoting the value of Textile Arts.

Fran Brammer
Machine and Hand Embroidery Landscapes

"Landscape, the practical structures and also its fictions, are at the root of my work. I explore this through manipulation of surfaces and structure, using hand and machine stitch, inclusions of found textures and colour to create images and evocative histories."

Available for:

Talks, Workshops, Demonstrations, Commissions, Exhibitions


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Linda Harvey
Textile Art

"The inspiration for my work mainly comes from the places I visit. The numerous photographs I take give me a starting point from which my work evolves. I often work on several pieces at a time, as I enjoy an expressive and experimental way of working. While I use a variety of materials and processes in each project, my approach is consistent. I am particularly inspired by rustic textures, the ageing process and anything corroded and tarnished; colour and texture are the key elements in my work." 

Available for:

Workshops, Talks, Commissions

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Nicola Harper

Textile Artist 

"My work reflects a love of both the clean lines of architecture and the organic forms of nature and landscape. I use a combination of techniques including free motion machine embroidery, appliqué, hand embroidery and painting with acrylics to create my pieces."


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Carol Coleman
Stitched Textiles and Mixed Media

"I am compulsively creative and work with textiles and any other media I find has potential. Using any technique I can master, I create art to wear, boxes, vessels and wall-mounted art. I exhibit, teach, write and talk about my work and welcome visitors to my studio by arrangement."

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Galina Titova
Wool Paintings and Sculptures

"I am a fibre artist living and working in York. In my work I use just wool, silks and natural fibres.I enjoy making fine art felt pictures. Using special short fibre wool I can create a varied palette of subtle and vibrant hues to achieve the painterly effect in the felt. Three dimensional felt is another area of my interest reflecting my fascination with shape, texture and colour of natural world."

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Alison Spaven
Wool Sculpture and Painting

"I use a mixture of rare breed wools and other fibres to create sculptures and paintings, crafted with a single felting needle. I use wet felted wool and found fabric as backdrops for the main form, which is usually British wildlife and inspiration usually comes from the inhabitants of the fields and woods around my tiny village studio."

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Angela Anning
Textured Wall Art, Scarves, Jewellery & Lampshades

"I create highly textured wall art, scarves jewelry using wet felting techniques to bond and sculpt natural materials, sometimes overlaid with hand or machine stitching, plus I design Landscape inspired lampshades, decorated with fabric paint and textured with machine embroidery."

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Jane Claire Wilson

Textile and Mixed Media Artist 

Jane Claire Wilson is a practice led artist who creates textile based art to share stories about places and people. Since graduating from Leeds Arts University in 2020 with an MA in Creative Practice Jane has begun to establish herself as a local artist. She is a member of North Yorkshire Open Studios, exhibits her work in local galleries and pop up shops and won the SCAF Emerging Artist Award for Yorkshire Artists. Jane is a Community Artist at Rural Arts in Thirsk and delivers art workshops throughout North Yorkshire.

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Jane Mercer

Textile Artist 

"I combine my love of natural fibres and dyes, with felting, stitching and eco printing."

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Julie Atthews

Textile Artist 

"My current textile practice is influenced by the ephemeral qualities of nature: the colours, textures and surfaces created as forms decay, erode and are exposed to circadian and seasonal changes. I love to experiment with different materials and processes, using free motion machine embroidery and adding further embellishments through beadwork and hand stitching. My textile pieces tend to evolve spontaneously, loosely guided by ideas I record through watercolour painting and whilst exploring outdoors with a macro lens. I love to share my passion for all things textile, and am available for workshops and commissions. "

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Rebecca Mason


"I am an artist specialising in Batik- a dye resist technique using wax.

I make silk scarves, framed pictures and wall hangings using both traditional Indonesian and modern methods.

I first became inspired by Batik more than 30 years ago in Malaysia.  Subsequently I attended Batik workshops & evening classes to learn the techniques.

I particularly enjoy the fluidity, flexibility, unpredictability & crackle effect of the wax, together with the freedom of abstract designs. 

I am happy to discuss any aspect of my work and to discuss any

special commissions."

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Jo Yeates

Textile Artist

"I am a textile artist based at South Bank Studios, York, inspired by the many possibilities of fabric, paper, paint and stitch. I create seascapes, landscapes and abstract pieces, often using repurposed and vintage materials, tearing, fraying and layering to make compositions.

My inspiration comes from the natural world, mainly the sea. I also love words and lists and am keen to explore further ways of putting the ‘text’ in to ‘textile art’."

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Maggie Smales.png

Maggie Smales

Stitched Textiles

Using textiles as a medium and stitch as a technique offer me an expressive route to making

work that conveys an idea or tells a story. I often make a printed substrate with layers of fabric

added to create depth, tone and suggest hidden narrative. Threads that are hand or machine

stitched are the alchemy to bring it all together.

My other passion is theatre and I aim to create pieces that refer to the drama of place, character

and situation.


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Caroline Utterson

Textile Artist

Inspired by nature and the landscape around me, my photography provides the starting point to my artwork. 

Each piece usually begins as a simple sketch onto fabric, using my chosen photograph as a reference. I then build the background colours and textures using a combination of appliqué, felting and painting. The details are added by ‘drawing’ with my sewing machine and ‘thread painting’ using freehand machine embroidery. Hand embroidery is used to add the finest details.

My subject matter is varied, though I am drawn to textural subjects which benefit from the intricacy of my chosen techniques.

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